This week we have been:

Continuing and learning on dinosaurs. This week we read the story ‘Tom and the dinosaur egg’. Tom found an egg and he looked after it and it turned into a dinosaur, it was far too big to keep as a pet so he sent it back home. We have been counting eggs, exploring eggs and we even had a egg delivered to class! We looked after it and hatched it ourselves! We have been drawing pictures of what we think might be inside the egg.


In maths this week we have been counting eggs, thinking about the size of eggs and we’ve also been learning the number 18 and 19 using the Numberblocks.

This week we have been exploring eggs and the kind of animals that we get from eggs. This learning led us on to thinking about spring and exploring the start of Easter. We have been busy making Easter baskets and making Easter cards.

In science this week we have been learning about bubbles. We watched Kit and Pup explore bubbles and investigate the shape of them. We had great fun making our own bubbles in the water tray!


We have started learning about clean Monday. We read a story explaining why we celebrate clean Monday and we have all made a kite so we can join in the clean Monday celebrations on Monday 18th of March. We will be using a special lady with seven legs to help us countdown to the Greek orthodox Easter.

Next week we will be:

  • Continuing our learning about dinosaurs, focusing on what they like to eat.
  • Thinking about the different kinds of foods we like to eat.
  • Thinking about size using dinosaur food.
  • Exploring rainbows through science.

Messages home

On Wednesday, the 20th of March we will be going on a very short trip to Crystal Palace Park, we would like to ask that the children come to school wearing their wellie boots. Please ensure the children have their school shoes in the school bag so we can change the children when we return to school.

Sending home, home learning on a Thursday is working much better. Thank you for  supporting us and children in ensuring home learning is being completed.

Thank you for your ongoing support Mrs Herne,

Mrs Huter and Mrs Wood