15th November 2019

People who help us – At the post office

This week we have been learning:

About the post office. We watched a video of a letter being written, posted and sent in the post. We saw lots of different kinds of post workers and many different vehicles. We have been busy this week writing our own letters and putting them into the post box. 


In maths this week we have been using number blocks to learn about the number 7. We have also been playing with money and started learning about 1p coins and counting pennies. 

In RE this week we have been exploring inside a church. We played with a church play set and watched a video showing us the inside of a Greek orthodox church. We added characters to the church and had lots of fun exploring together. Gods house is the church and we know that the doors are always open and we can visit whenever we like. This made us think about our homes and who visits us in our homes. 

In science this week we explored heavy and light. We watched Kit and pup and then explored together. We noticed that if the item makes a loud noise when it hits the ground or we can not pick it up its heavy and that heavy things can be big and small.

This week we all made a special star. Mrs Herne has hung the stars above our carpet area and they look beautiful! They are all very different but are all special just like we are. 

Next week we will be:

  • Learning about the fire services.
  • Learning about the number 8 and exploring 2D shape.
  • Learning about why we light a candle in church.
  • Learning about wet and dry.

How you can help at home:

  • Write a letter at home and take a walk to the post box, maybe a letter to santa!!
  • Continue writing numbers to 7, encourage the children to use the rhymes we use in class.
  • Continue name writing and sharing stories.

Messages home:

  • December 12th will be our Early years nativity. We have started practicing already and some of the children have lines to practise at home. These will be handed out on Monday. Please also be aware that we will be needing your support with the children’s costumes. There will be a letter going home with all the details you need. Please come and see us if you have any questions.
  • Please keep homework books coming in!!

Thank you again for all your ongoing support, Mrs Herne.

Mrs Lowe and Mrs Bruno.