18th October 2019

Inclusions Week

This week we have been:

Exploring Black History Month by reading  a story called ‘Dream Big little leader’. We learnt about many different people that did amazing things because they worked hard and did their best.

We made toys on the playdough table like Augusta Savage, we created artwork just like Alma Woodsey Thomas and we had lots of fun being Tessa Sanderson in PE! We did sprinting, javelin, shot pot, hurdles and high jump it was lots of fun.

We also read a story based on a Bob Marley song called ‘Three little birds’. We used music to help us and it was lots of fun!

This week we also learnt how to cross a road safely. We know we must stay with a grown up when we cross a road and be sensible. We know we need to STOP, THINK, LOOK and LISTEN before we cross the road.

We also learnt how to be safe when we are playing on iPads, tablets, phones and when using a laptop. We know that we need to ask first and if something pops up or happens on the screen we tell the grown up and we do not sort it out ourselves. We learnt a song to remind us.

In maths this week we learnt about the number 4. We learnt how to write it and what 4 things look like in a group. We also made a chart to show which fruits we like to most. We noticed that we all like different fruit but the one we like the most is bananas.

After half-term we will be:

  • Learning about the people who help us in school.
  • Learning about the number 5 and putting numbers to 10 in order.
  • Learning about why we say please and thank you.
  • Learning about Gods house, the church.
  • Exploring Autumn.

How you can help at home:

  • Please encourage the children to read as often as possible it really does make a difference to their development.
  • Please encourage the children to do some home learning in their book. They can do anything they like, and they will receive a sticker when they do.

Both of these books are to be placed in the yellow and green basket in the morning and will be changed and acknowledged.

  • Singing songs with numbers.
  • Finding 2D shapes around the house.
  • Recognising their name and start to write  it.
  • Explore autumn outside and show us what you have found.

Messages home:

We would like the children to start writing in lower case letters instead of capital letters, please encourage this at home and in their home learning books.

We hope you have a wonderful half-term, Mrs Herne.

Mrs Lowe and Mrs Bruno.