19th October 2018

Ourselves/People who help us

This week in inclusion week we have been:

Learning how to work together and resolve conflict. We read a story called ‘Pumpkin soup’. We looked at ways the friends could have worked together and allowed others to do different jobs. We also saw how some things we say and do can hurt others and we looked at ways of making things better.

In maths this week we looked at our favourite fruit. We used the board and made a graph to show which fruit we liked the best. We found out that our favourite fruit is apples!

In RE this week we continued talking about our families. We also learnt that God loves us and our families too!

We have also been learning how to be safe when we are on-line (when using ipads/iphones). We learnt that if anything pops up that we are not sure about we should ask a grown-up for help.

We have been learning about road safety and learning how to be safe when we are near the road. THINK, STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before we cross the road!!



Finally this week we have been learning about Martin Luther King, Mo Farrar and Jessica Ennis. We learnt they are all  great at different things and very proud of where they come from. We looked at where we come from using the world map to help us. Mrs Herne also explained to us what we are good at and what she is proud of.

After half term we will be:

  • Learning about people who help us in school.
  • Exploring sounds using musical instruments.
  • Talking about God’s house.
  • Exploring Autumn.

How you can help at home:

  • Continue mark making and name writing.
  • Exploring how far the children can count to.
  • Take a closer look at Autumn at home, explore your garden and the outside world. Use your home learning book to tell me what you have found.

Thank you very much for your child’s home learning books, reading records and proud clouds, they really do make a difference to the children.

We hope you have a restful week.

Thank you for your support, Mrs Herne.

Mrs Bruno and Mrs Lowe