Transport – in the water

This week we have been:

Learning about modes of transport you find in the water, the children have had fun telling the story of Mr Gumpy’s outing in the water tray and retelling the story of Noah’s Ark . We have been making boats on the creative table and making arks using big blocks.


Our reading this week was ‘a sailor came to see see see’ and ‘row row row your boat’ we hope you enjoy these rhymes in the children’s rhyme books. In phonics we have started looking at CVC words and saying the sounds we can hear.

In maths this week we have been counting the characters in Mr Gumpy’s boat and we have been learning the number 14 using Number blocks.


In RE this week we have been learning about The Three Hierarchs. We have been painting our own pictures of the Saints, making puzzles and exploring the Three Hierarchs icon.

In science this week we have been exploring near and far using Kit and Pup. We have been using the pirate ship, pirates and telescopes to explore what’s near and what’s far. We have also been thinking about near and far during PE.

Next week we will be:

  • Finishing our transport topic and the creation story.
  • Learning the number 15 and revisiting 2D shape.
  • Learning about Valentine’s Day.
  • Thinking about ways we would like to travel to school.

Messages home

Please make sure that the children’s names are in their jumpers. We are having a few issues with jumpers that have no names.

Thank you for your support, Mrs Herne

Mrs Woode and Mrs Huter