25th September 2023 – Ourselves


Welcome to Thassos Class Nursery Blog!

This week we have been:

Reading the story ‘The smartest giant in town’. The giant is very kind and helpful and that makes everyone in the story happy. We are trying to be kind and helpful too so that everyone in our class is happy. In phonics we have been listening to the sounds we can hear around us. 

In math’s this week we have been learning about the number 1 using the number blocks to help us. We have also been singing 10 little teddies bears bouncing on the bed. This is helping us to count to 10 and back again. 

We have been exploring up and down this week. We have been filling up bottles and watching the water travel up and down. We have been using weighing scales in the sand and watching them go up and down. We have had lots of fun building the marble run and watching the marbles travel down. 

In RE this week, we have been learning how to do our prayers and thinking about how God loves me. God sent us all a necklace to remind us God is always in our hearts.

We have also been thinking about how we are all different and that we are all special. We have been busy making stars and Mrs Herne has put them in the sky! We did some magic and we all look beautiful!

Next week we will be:

  • Thinking about nursery and what we like.
  • Thinking about the sounds we hear around us.
  • We will be learning about rules and why we should follow them.
  • Learning about the number 2.
  • Celebrating St Cyprians Day.
  • Learning and exploring full and empty.

Messages home:

  • You would have had your child’s reading book sent home this week. We would encourage you to read as much as possible as it really helps with the children’s development. Please put your child’s yellow book and reading book in the yellow basket as you come in and we will change them each day.
  • We are still waiting for some paperwork to be returned to us. We would like the All about me, Information on child, Language survey, Intimate care and images consent forms as soon as possible please.

Thank you for your support, Mrs Herne

Mrs Woode and Mrs Huter