This week in literacy we will be learning how to write instructions, we will be relating this to our reading comprehension book, ‘How to train your dragon’, by writing instructions on how to trap a dragon.

Within the topic of instructions, children must be able to use prepositions, imperative verbs and write command sentences.

In numeracy we will be learning how to add and subtract money to give change. The children will  be looking at two step word problems in order to do this e.g.

Hazel buys ten raffle tickets and one other item for £5. She receives £1.35 change. How much was the other item?

As you can see, these questions can be quite difficult to tackle, so please have a go at home.

In topic we are learning about the human body and animals.

Please remember to continue practising times tables and spellings.

Have a fantastic week!

Miss Sandberg and Miss Taylor.