Happy New Year!


This week we have been:

Starting our transport topic by reading and listening to ‘We all go travelling by’. This story was a great introduction to transport as it explores many different modes and where they are used. The story also reinforces colour. We have sent this home in the children’s rhyme book this week. We have also been drawing pictures of how we travel to school.


In phonics this week this we have continued thinking about alliteration and the sounds of some of the letters in the alphabet. 

In math’s this week we have using the number blocks to learn the number 11. The children have really enjoyed exploring number 11 and writing the number. We have also been sorting transport into groups using their colour and where they are used.

In RE this week we learnt about St Basil. St Basil’s name day was January 1st and we make cakes each year to celebrate him and his story. He made cakes for everyone and he put jewels and coins inside. I made cakes for the children and put 2 coins inside. You have good luck for the year if you find the coin! Good luck.

We have also been thinking about winter this week. We have had fun exploring the winter table and looking at winter photos. We also made a winter tree using our fingers!

Next week we will be:

  • Learning about modes of transport you find in the sky and reading ‘Whatever Next’.
  • Reading the creation story starting with how God made everything in the sky.
  • Learning the number 12 and exploring 2D shapes.
  • Exploring rough and smooth.

Messages home

Just a reminder about the children’s green rhyme books, we would like them returned to school by Wednesday each week so that we can add the next rhyme ready to send home on the Friday.

It’s been great celebrating the children’s home learning; please keep this coming in each week.

Thank you for your support, Mrs Herne

Mrs Huter and Mrs Woode