29th June 2018

 Animals – Zoo and Jungle

This week we have been:

Continuing our learning about animals focusing on animals in the jungle and in zoos.  We read a story called ‘Handa’s surprise’ and used the props in the sand tray to help us tell the story. We also read a story called ‘The talent show’.  This story showed us that we all have special talents and when we put those talents together we can do special things.

In phonics this week we finished learning our RWI set 1 sounds. We learnt ng/nk and looked at these sounds in words.  We have started playing games where we are blending the sounds to make words. Please enjoy this games at home.



Please continue learning the sounds at home.

This week in maths we have been continuing our learning on 3D shapes. We have been looking at the properties of the shapes and introduced the children to the names of the shapes. Cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, pyramid, cone and triangular prism. Ask the children if they can find these shapes at home.

In RE this week we looked at Jesus and his friends. We learnt that it is not just Jesus looking down on us but his friends are too. We looked at different icons showing pictures of Jesus’s friends. We also learnt that Jesus’s friends are our friends.

This week we continued our learning about Ancient Greece.  We were learning about ancient Greek vases. We looked at lots of photos of different pots and looked through non-fiction books. We designed our own Greek vases using the pictures to help us.

We have some great news!!! When Mrs Herne come into the classroom on Tuesday morning she found that Dinky had laid an egg!!! She then laid another egg on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!! It was a very big surprise as we did not think that she was able to lay eggs, we plan on using them to make something yummy to eat. Dinky must be happy in her new home and is enjoying being looked after by us.

We hope that you could make it to our sports day on Friday 29th June. We had a great time and hope you did too.

Next week we will be:

  • Learning about water animals.
  • Focusing on blending during our phonics sessions.
  • Looking at ‘Summer’.
  • Learning about the Olympics, linking to ancient Greece.
  • Going on our visit with Apples and Honey Nursery.

Thank you for your ongoing support, Mrs Herne.

Mrs Bruno, Mrs Lowe and Miss Kelly.