2nd October 2020

Welcome to Thassos Nursery

We are very happy that the children have settled really well and are starting to get ready for learning.

We are all starting to get use to the routines and learning what we do when.

This week we have been:

We read ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and ‘The smartest Giant in town’. We have been talking about being kind and making new friends. We made our own Rainbow fish using collage.

We have been counting using numbered fish and sorting coloured objects. We have been making our own numbers using the connecting cubes. We have also been learning about the number 1.

We have also been exploring full and empty in the water tray.

We have started practising how to make the sign of the cross and taking part in our morning prayers. We also celebrated St Cyprians Day.

Next week we will be:

  • Learning about who helps us in school.
  • Learning about the number 2 and counting using ducks.
  • Talking about God and how he loves me.
  • Learning about Autumn.

Messages home:

  • You would have noticed that the children have started taking books home. Please share the book at home and return it when you have finished. We will then send home a new book that your child chooses. Please put the reading book inside the yellow book and place them in the basket on the table outside in the morning.
  • Please practice taking your child’s coat on and off, not only would this help us in the morning it is a great still the children should be learning.
  • It would also be great if you could play some games that help the children to recognise their names!

Thank you for your support, Mrs Herne.

Mrs Lowe and |Mrs Bruno.