3rd November 2023

People who help us

This week we have been:

Learning about lots of different jobs people do and how they help us. We all had a think about what we want to be when we grow up! (These are written on our bees in the peg area if you wish to have a look!) We will be continuing this topic over the next few weeks.


In phonics this week we enjoyed singing a song about the Three little pigs. It included lots of sounds that we can make using our mouths and bodies. We then enjoyed telling the Three pigs story using the props and masks. Some of us built our own houses using the big blocks. 

In math’s this week we had a great time singing 5 current buns. We enjoyed singing the song together and using the current buns and coins. We used the interactive board when thinking about how many buns were left? how much money does the baker have? and how many buns had been eaten?

In RE this week, we have been learning about the church and why we go to church. We know that we can’t see Jesus and God, but we know we can go to church to be closer to them. We also know that saying our prayers and lighting a candle lets them know we are talking to them. We also had fun building churches using the big blocks.

In Science this week we had lots of fun exploring fast and slow. We used wooden boards and cars, poured water from cup to cup and explored fast and slow when we went to the hall for PE. What fun can you have exploring fast and slow at home?

We have also been thinking about being safe when we are online. This could be when using an iPad or tablet or an adult’s phone. We learnt that it’s not good to use them without an adult’s permission and that if anything goes wrong, we should tell an adult. We learnt a song to help us remember.  ‘Before you tap and click, you need to stop and think, and tell someone’.

Next week we will be:

  • Learning about the supermarket.
  • Learning about the number 6 and numbers we see on coins.
  • Reading, singing and role-playing the song Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake.
  • Learning about Remembrance Day.
  • Exploring push and pull.

Messages home:

We are currently having a few issues with the children using the toilets. We have noticed that the children are not using the toilet correctly when they need to stand. We have now numbered our toilets and if the children would like to stand they use toilet number 1. If they wish to sit they can use toilets 2 and 3. It would really help if you could explain this to the children at home.

Next week we will be sending home a homework sheet and a special nursery Rhyme book. We will be learning a new rhyme/song each week and we will add this to the children’s rhyme books every week. We will be sending home a homework sheet and the rhyme books every Friday and we would like you to bring them to school every Wednesday. Please encourage your children to colour each sheet and sing the songs with you. It’s important that the children are aware that the words have meaning so pointing to the words as you sing would be great for them.

Thank you for your support Mrs Herne

Mrs Woode and Mrs Huter