6th October 2023 – Ourselves


This week we have been:

Thinking about why it’s important to share and use kind words. We read the story “Sam starts school” and “But why can’t I?” We will be continuing this over the next few weeks.

We have been talking about things we like to do at school and things we like to play with.  We went shopping in some toy catalogues and stuck things we like to our shopping bags. We have also been talking about what our favourite fruits are. We like lots of different fruits, but our favourite fruit was strawberry.

In phonics this week we have continued listening to the sounds we hear around us. We played a game using animal sounds which was lots of fun.

We have had lots of fun this week exploring Full and empty. We have been filling cups at the play dough table, filling buckets with pom-poms in the sand tray and using scoops to fill cups in the water tray. It was lots of fun filling things and even more fun emptying them! We watched Kit and Pup to help us with full and empty, here is the link for you to watch at home. 


On Monday this week we celebrated St Cyprians Day. We looked at an icon of St Cyprian and learnt about things he liked. We know that our school is named after him and we all took home a special flower to help us celebrate.

Next week we will be:

  • Thinking about why wash our hands.
  • Learning about Autumn.
  • Learning the number 3.
  • Thinking about how God loves our family.

Messages home

Parents consultations are on Monday and Tuesday next week it would be great to meet you all, please ensure you go online and book a time to meet me. The meetings will be held at the school office so please come to the office for your time.

Just a reminder about reading books, we are not changing many books. I can not express how important it is for the children to be hearing a wide range of stories. We would like you to change your books as much as possible.

Thank you for your support, Mrs Herne

Mrs Huter and Mrs Woode