8th June 2018

 Farm animals

This week we have been:

Learning about animals that live on the farm. We have been using the sand tray and the construction area to build our own farms. We have been looking at the types of animal you find on a farm and grouping them in our own farms. We also read ‘Cows in the kitchen’, ‘Farmer duck’ and ‘Barty’s scarf’. We had great fun singing the ‘Cows in the kitchen’ story during our PE session and we learnt a new song called Doggie, doggie.


In phonics this week we have been learning the sounds:

‘w’ – down up, down up.

‘th’ – down the tower, across the tower, up to his head, down to his feet, over his back.

Please recap these sounds at home as well as the others we have already learnt.

In maths this week we have been focusing on how to write numbers to 10. We have been learning rhymes that will help us remember how to write them.

  • 0 – all around the orange.
  • 1 – down and straight
  • 2 – backwards ‘c’ and stand him up
  • 3 – around the tree, around the tree that’s the way you make a 3
  • 4 – down and over, down once more that’s the way you make a 4
  • 5 – straight down and around, hat on top just like a clown
  • 6 – make a curve then a loop
  • 7 – across the sky and down from heaven
  • 8 – slither down the snake and back to the top
  • 9 – around the apple down the long leaf

Please have fun at home learning these rhymes.

In RE this week we read another bible story called ‘Adam and Eve’. We reviewed the creation story and learnt how people came to live on earth.

This week we celebrated the birth of our caterpillars and then watched them being released in the world. Mrs Herne has been looking after Dinky in the half term, she has grown bigger and stronger and is looking much healthier.


We had great fun this week learning about Greek Gods and Goddesses. We added actions to their names to help us remember them.

We had fun this week learning what happens when you mix colours. We added yellow, blue or red to our hands and mixed them with our friends hands. We found out that yellow and blue make green, red and blue make purple and yellow and red make orange.

Next week we will be:

  • Continuing our learning about animals, focusing on farm and jungle/zoo.
  • Learning the zounds ‘z’ and ch.
  • Counting different objects around the setting.
  • Learning about Fathers day.
  • Preparing for our family picnic on Friday 15th June.

We hope that we are able to make it on Friday for our ‘Family picnic’ all the family are welcome to join us.

Thank you for your on going support, Mrs Herne.

Mrs Lowe, Mrs Bruno and Miss Kelly.