For your daily homework, as we have already discussed at the classroom, here there are some suggestions.

a. Study in platform staellinika: https://staellinika.com/en/home

If you want to have your own score, login with your parents’ help and start, or else login with the school’s username and number (it is written on your paper).
Go to: My Classes and Beginners Greek Ages 9+
Start with the Course Module: Personal info
When you finish the whole course continue with the next one as it goes:
My family – At the restaurant – My neighbourhood – A day at the zoo – Come to my party! – The last day of school –  Vacation.

In every “Course Module”, you will find “nodes”.

Look the instructions and the example below.

*For the skill of writing the best practice would be to keep notes in your notebook.

b. Study A1 glossary words in Wordwall 

Choose a letter, press a button and you will find flashcard and listening activities as below:

Α α


Β β


Γ γ


Δ δ


Ε ε


Ζ ζ


Η η


Θ θ


Ι ι


Κ κ


Λ λ


Μ μ


Ν ν


Ξ ξ


Ο ο


Π π



Π π



Ρ ρ


Σ σ ς


Τ τ


Υ υ


Φ φ


Χ χ


Ψ ψ


Ω ω


Days of the week (listening and anagram)

Months of the year (listening) 

Εποχές και Μήνες – Seasons and Months

Εγώ είμαι – I am (listening and quiz)

Εγώ μένω – I stay/live (listening and quiz)

Από πού είσαι; Ήπειροι και χώρες – Where are you from? Continents and countries

Πού μένεις; Μερικές Ευρωπαϊκές χώρες – Where do you live? Some European countries

c. Have fun studying…