‘Deeper in the Bear Cave’

What a lovely week!!

We carried on with our Bear Hunt, recapping the story and sequencing it with more detail. Children enjoyed role playing and reading the story in the book corner with their friends.



During our phonics lessons, children are improving their phonological

awareness by blending sounds into words. The sounds of the week were /n/, /g/, /p/ and / i/.

Parents could encourage children at home to practice the sounds.










For Maths, children had the opportunity to count forwards while pointing

to the Numicon Shapes and then, match them to the number line

by putting the shapes into the correct order.








On Thursday, Reception had their first experience reading a Bible.

We talked about what the Bible is, why the Bible is important to our community and what we can find it in.

Then, children draw what they could see in the Bible and managed to write some letters.








Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Panayiotou, Miss McGrath, Miss Mozo & Mrs Brown wish you a great weekend.