Friday 9th June 2023

Hello Zakynthos and Spetses

We are in Summer 2 term and we are about to complete another exciting school year going forward to Year 4.

For this term we will be focusing on developing further our writing skills and our reading comprehension. It is important to be able to use figurative language with confidence and to answer questions using evidence from the text we read.

Therefore, our home learning will include activities  based on the book we are currently reading at school and also on revising key lessons in grammar.


For this week you will find in your home learning books an extract from the book we are reading(‘The Tiger Boy’) and two questions to answer using evidence from the text. There maybe different ways to answer these questions and we will accept as correct all possible versions but remember to justify your answers using the template we have provided you with. If you have selected the correct information from the text, then it will be easy for you to complete this table.


It is a good practice to read with your parents and then answer questions based on  the story you read.

Remember to answer in full sentences using the correct punctuation.

Please revise times tables (5,6,7,8,9) for a test that we will have next week. As we are learning to divide with one and two step problems we will be focusing on exercises and activities of long division and on activities which will help us to identify key words in  division problems.

Enjoy the warm weather during this weekend and drink plenty of water!!

Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molyneux