Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

Hello parents,

We are so happy to see everyone back after the half term and share what we did with our families and friends!!



This week, Reception children were exploring a new book… ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. While reading this book, children had the opportunity to sequence the events of the story using the connective words first, then, next and finally. Also, they used a wide range of adjectives to describe different bears (words such as soft, furry, cuddly. brown, big, small). Then children designed their own unique bears; and using the phonological knowledge, they were able to write some sounds and words.




Moreover, during Maths, children had the opportunity to learn about repeating patterns and create their own ones using Numicons and some small, coloured animal counters. We had so much fun learning about patterns!! Repeating Pattern(Click on the link!)






Have a lovely weekend and happy Bonfire night,

Have a Lovely weekend and safe Bonfire Night!


Miss Panayiotou, Miss McGrath, Miss Mozo & Mrs Brown.