Good bye Owls, welcome Bears!!

Kalispera gonis (Good evening parents),

In Reception, learning about the ‘Owl Babies’, children have had the opportunity to discover what animals live in the forest and which ones are nocturnal. Reading this story, we have focused on our feelings when parents and children say goodbye in the morning. So by saying goodbye to parents, Reception say goodbye to our ‘Owl Babies’, and with open arms and running legs, we welcome ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.




This week, children have been improving their writing skills by tracing some sounds on salt. Also, they  practiced sequencing the different events in the story, developing their memory spam and their fine motor skills by cutting the pictures.

In Phonics we introduced our first sounds of the year: /a/, /m/, /s/ and /d/.  Teachers encourage parents to practice and support children with their phonics at home.




In maths, children counted, ordered numbers and started working with an essential element for our Maths this year, NUMICONS!! They connected the Numicon Shapes with the ordinal number and its colour.





We celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year by making delicious Honey Biscuits and eating apples for snack. Apples and Honey are a symbol of sweetness and of the hope that the coming year will be full of good things. Here is the recipe if you want to give a go with your little ones.  Rosh Hashana PP



Best wishes,

Miss Panayiotou, Miss Mozo,  Miss McGrath & Mrs Brown.