Home Learning Date 11/03/22

Dear Parents,

First and second week of this term  children focussed on the topic ‘All about me’. They recognised the importance of  exercise and healthy food. They identified the ways to make healthy eating choices.

In Literacy children talked about the story events beginning, middle and end, sequencing all the events. They also talked about the characters in the story. They drew their favourite character and wrote a caption by using their phonic sounds.

In Maths children learnt ‘doubles as special combinations of two numbers. Children Modelled  the language: ‘Double 1 is 2 by placing 2-shape side by side.

Home work:

Healthy living means making choices that result in a healthy body and mind. To be healthy means to not be sick. Generally, a person can maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet and exercising. In order for the body to function properly, it needs nutrients.

Could you draw a poster about a Healthy life style? What are the Key Elements to a Healthy Lifestyle?

Have a lovely weekend.

Best regards

Reception teachers.