National Smile Day :)

Hi everybody,

This week we went on a bear hunt!! Did you know that bears collect food throughout Autumn to hibernate? Reception has been learning many facts about bears as well as how many different types we can find around the world.





This week, children had the chance to discuss their favourite part of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, sequence the story and then role play it with their friends. Children learnt about the bear features by making their own unique bear faces with ‘one wet shiny nose, two big googly eyes and two big furry ears’. 











During our R.E lesson, we celebrated St. Cyprian’s name day. This day is very important for our community because our school is named after him.

Last but not least… HAPPY SMILE DAY!!!!! Reception children talked about feelings and emotions, sharing what makes them happy and excited.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Mozo, Miss Panayiotou, Miss McGrath & Mrs Brown