School Association


After the success of our Black History Month celebrations it was suggested that a working party of parents is set up to plan and deliver other such events.  The Events Committee is now planning a simple Christmas Fair to take place at 3.00pm on Tuesday 18th December. The following parents are members of the Events Committee.  Please see them if you have any ideas or can volunteer to help in any way.

Claire – Mum to Ezra in Beanstalk
Shirley – Mum to Tumise in Gingerbread
Dupe – Mum to Caleb in Beanstalk
Kirsty – Mum to Eleorah in Red Hen
Tanya – Mum to Shani in Three Bears
Uzma – Mum to Alia in Kipper
Krystal – Mum to Justyce in Billy Goats