Reception class, week ending 20-05-22

This week we have been learning about the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’, people and animals helping to pull out the turnip. Children discussed with their talk partners different ways to help each other to carry out activities.

At Mrs Shahzadi’s house, her children set the dinner table and help to clean up afterwards. What ways can you help at home? Could you help your grown-ups at home to tidy a room, clean the table, etc.? You can draw a picture and write a sentence. Don’t forget to bring your work to school.


Children grasped the concept of Subtracting, taking away, how many fewer? They subtracted with Numicon Shapes by covering the part of the Shape being taken away so only the remaining pattern can be seen. In the sand tuff tray different Numicon pieces were placed over with a sheet. Children were encouraged to place their hands inside and pull out two pieces. The children compared which one is bigger and which one is smaller. What they would have left if they took the small one away from the bigger one and how many more the bigger one is than the smaller one.

Children enjoy your weekend!


Mrs Shahzadi