year 4 blog 16 January 2017

Welcome back!

All the staff here in year 4 hope everyone has settled down into the new Spring Term

In Literacy last week we were reading different myths and discussing what makes myths different from other stories.  This week we are going to write a myth of our own.

In numeracy we have been taking on multi-step word problems involving addition and subtraction and in some cases multiplication as well.  This week we will be challenging each other with our own word problems as well as taking on some of the more challenging ones floating around.  We are also going to work out non-unit fractions of amounts.  For example 3/5 of 25 is 15.  We work this out by working out 1/5 (25 divided by 5 = 5) and then multiplying by 3 to give us 3/5.

In R.E. we are going to continue the theme about rules and learn about the ten commandments that God gave to Moses.  We are going to discuss how Jesus gave us a new covenant/testament/agreement with God that emphasizes the two most important commandments of loving God and loving our neighbour.

We are continuing our new science topic of Living things and their habitats.  This week we are going to look at the seven life processes that all living things undertake to classify them as living.  Can you name all seven?