The four Seasons with Stick Man!

Hello everyone!!

I hope you are having a lovely week and keeping yourselves warm and safe.


This week Reception children were very busy learning with Stick Man about the seasons.

Here is a song that children and adults may enjoy singing about the seasons

(It is an American song, remember to remind your children that American English say fall because the leaves fall during autumn)






Children learnt what clothes we need during the different seasons, recognising the first sound of the clothes and even writing them. Reception children improved their vocabulary and their phonological awareness.















In Maths, Number Rods were introduced to Reception children.

We compared the Number Rods with a stairs
, and how adding one unite we could build a Number Rod ‘stairs’, Numicon ‘stairs’ or block ‘stairs’. With this activity children have improved their counting skills from 1 to 10 and it is a nice way to introduce the concept of addition.










During our RE lesson, we discussed and talked about God’s Creation. The third day, God created plants and trees on the land, and the fourth day God created the Moon and the Sun.Have a marvellous weekend and we will see you on Monday with more fun activities




Have a lovely weekend everybody, and we will see you on Monday!!!

Reception Team

Miss Panayiotou, Miss McGrath, Miss Mozo & Mrs Brown.