WB 30/11/15

Happy St Andrew’s day!

Gingerbread men

This week the children will be making gingerbread men in school. We have tried to make sure that all children will be able to participate regardless of allergies/ dietary requirements but if you have any concerns, please be sure to come and see us. A list of ingredients used will be included with the gingerbread man. 


This week in Kefallonia, we will be learning all about the Gingerbread man.

In Literacy we will be writing speech bubbles, thinking about what all the different characters might say and writing it out. we will then use our speech bubbles to act out the story in groups!

In Phonics we will be carrying on with our new sounds. Today we revisited the sound “qu” and throughout the week we will look at the sounds “ck” and “th”.

In Numeracy we will be using our own gingerbread men cut-outs to work out what happens when we add one more. We will have a think about how we could write this as an equation (3+1=) and have a go using our gingerbread men to help us.