Week Beginning 27th April

Good Morning Year 5

We hope that you are missing being at school as much as we are! The most important thing though is that you are staying safe and keeping busy.

Please continue to use these great resources recommended by the Department for Education. They are broken down into daily tasks.



Make sure you are reading daily – this is an important skill to maintain and also a great way to spend your time.


If you would like to continue to use the resources we’ve uploaded weekly, then you can find these below:


Y5 Week 5 Day 1

Week 5 Day 2_Powerpoint


Y5 Week 5 Day 2

Y5 Week 5 Day 3

Y5 Week 5 Day 4

Y5 Week 5 Day 5_

Powerpoint Y5 Week 5 Day 5



Modal Verbs Powerpoint with audio

Year 5 Week 5 Day 1

Year 5 Week 5 Day 2

Year 5 Week 5 Day 3

Year 5 Week 5 Day 4

Year 5 Week 5 Day 5


Have a great week and stay safe

Miss Agyemang and Mr Loizou 🙂