Week ending 17.3.23

Dear parents/Carers,

This week the children have been looking at the fairy tale story of the Gingerbread Man and have made a delicious gingerbread biscuit which they thoroughly enjoyed decorating.  They also worked independently on retelling the story of their favourite fairy tale using the features of fairy tale writing.

In maths we continued with the unit ‘Numbers to 40’, looked at tens and ones, greater than and less than a given number and for their creative activities they made a beautiful gingerbread man using split pins, a prayer hand craft for R.E., and a bird house for DT.


Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

Weekly writing task: Homelearning Week 24

Maths/phonics: https://www.edshed.com/en-gb/

Miss Nicholson & Miss Weithers🙂