Week ending 27.1.23

Dear parents,

Reminder: Please return the trip reply letters to us, so we know if your child is having a school packed lunch or one from home. Please return these as soon as possible, thank you.


This week we have continued to work on length and comparing two or more objects. The children are becoming experts at using the language  such as tallest, shortest, longest to describe the length of  objects around us. We have also practised using the conjunction ‘and’ within our writing to extend our sentences. We found that the children are great with writing short sentences and using capital letters and full stops. However, including the conjunction will help with developing their writing and ideas.  Followed by, learning about Chinese/Luna new year and about the story of the Great Race, which the children enjoyed recapping. As well as, learning about how children being baptised and how this takes place in an orthodox church.

We have also learnt about the process of fossilisation by sorting pictures in order. Along with, getting creative and making our own dinosaur masks! 🙂


Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

Weekly writing task: Homelearning Week 18

Maths/phonics: https://www.edshed.com/en-gb/

Miss Nicholson & Mr Jones 🙂