Week ending 6th October 2023

Hi Symi and Ithaca

During this week we discussed about our vocabulary enrichment.

It is very important that you read books at home, both fiction and non- fiction stories on a daily basis.

Remember to bring your Reading Record with comments from your parents so that we will know what do you think about the stories you read and how difficult or easy are these stories for you.

It is very  beneficial to discuss with your parents about the stories you read and to let your parents ask you questions about these stories. You can give ideas to them by giving them examples of what we do in the classroom during our daily reading lessons.

This weekend please focus on vocabulary. Find new words in the book that you have taken home to read and write them down on your notebook or a piece of paper.

Then on Monday we will discuss together  about the meanings  of these words and think about how we can use  them in our writing .


From this week we will start learning words with certain prefixes:

Block A: Words  beginning with un-

unfriendly, unclear, unemployed, uncertain, unable, unaccepted, unaided, unadmired, unabsorbed.

Please practise these words for your spelling test next week.

You will be given your log in details for ED shed learning platform next week .

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molyneux