Year 3 14.05.18

This week in literacy, we will be writing adventure stories, these are stories with repeated problems and resolutions.

In these stories we will be making sure that we are using inverted commas for speech correctly, paragraphs and adventurous vocabulary.

Please click the following link for this weeks spellings:y3_wl_sum_5

In numeracy we will be learning how to add and subtract different lengths, we will also be practising how to use rulers to measure and we will be looking at how many mm in a cm, cm in a m etc.

We will also be continuing to look at different multiplication and division problems and working out how to solve them.

Last week in topic, the children had lots of fun measuring their shadows at different points of the day and looking at the position of them. We compared how the length and position changed throughout the day and talked about the position of the sun. The children really enjoyed doing this.

Please continue to learn times tables at home for a times table challenge every Friday!

All of the children have made great progress in their reading this year, please ensure you are reading as often at home as possible and change books regularly in school.

Have a lovely week!