Year 3 16.01.17

This week in numeracy we will be continuing with learning how to tell the time. Please practise this at home as it is a very difficult concept to grasp, the children are doing really well!

We will also be learning how to read the time on clocks that use Roman numerals.

Image result for roman numeral clockImage result for roman numeral numbers 1-12

In literacy we will be learning how to write instructions. The children will be identifying how language and structure contribute to meaning in instructions. To do this we will be covering the following;

  • Sequencing steps using numbers, bullet points or the alphabet.
  • Imperative verbs (bossy verbs) e.g. mix, turn, pour.
  • Prepositions- on, in, under, around.

Image result for examples of prepositions

Please click the following link for spellings. y3_wl_spr_2

Have a lovely week!

Miss Sandberg and Mr Beverloo.