Year 3 week beginning 30th April

In Literacy we will be looking at the features of persuasive writing. For example, adverts, letters and speeches. This week we will be writing our own persuasive adverts.

In Numeracy we will be recapping how to multiply 1 digit and 2 digit numbers as well as ordering fractions and finding the fraction of a number. Help your child by ordering fractions with your child at home, use fraction diagrams and shapes to help them visualise it! Remember:

  • If the denominator is the same, the bigger the numerator the larger the fraction. 1/4 is greater than 2/4.
  • If the numerator is the same, the bigger the numerator the smaller the fraction. 2/9 is smaller than 2/8.

Please click the following link for this weeks spellings. y3_wl_sum_3