Year 6

Today has been an incredibly special day for year 6, as we celebrate our final St Cyprians day as pupils at the school, and the school celebrated its 15th birthday.

In RE we have learned about the special story of St Cyprian and St Justina. We used this to write a book about St Cyprians.

We also celebrated the day by sharing our journey through the school and making flowers.

In maths this week we have carried on our learning about fractions, and next week we will finding out about decimals.

In literacy we finished our poems about the inside of our heads and next week we will be investigating different types of fiction.

In science we began finding out about light; discovering how we can change the angle of light and that light travels in a straight line.

Well done on completing some fantastic Black History Month projects. Please make sure that you spend time over the weekend completing your writing task, and you must also begin completing the activities set on mathletics.

Have a great weekend!