Year 6 Snow Day Home Learning

Please find below the following tasks for you to complete at home.

Writing Task:

Imagine you are a news reporter giving a live TV report on “The Beast from the East” and “Storm Emma”. Write the script of what you would say to the television audience.

You will need to tell them where you are (it can be anywhere in the UK);

What conditions are like at the moment (be descriptive here, you can use similes, metaphors, be sensational about what is happening);

Inform your audience about how conditions will become worse;

Give some examples of how the snow has affected people so far;

What you recommend people do.

You should aim to write at least a page and a half. Remember to include a full range of punctuation (including colons and semi colons), a range of tenses (including passives) and ambitious vocabulary.

You can find your maths here:

Year 6 Maths Paper