Year 6 Week 3 – Week Commencing Monday 6th April 2020

Hi Year 6,


I hope everyone is doing well and you’re all staying safe.

Here is a suggested daily timetable. Please do not worry if you don’t fit it all in every day! Year-6-Daily-Timetable

Every day please try to do PE with Joe Wicks at 9am and listen to David Walliams at 11 am. Please also choose a book to listen to from Amazon Audible – links are all below in the blog.


The next two weeks are very special in our calendar as it is Holy Week and Easter (Western Easter is Sunday 12thand Orthodox Easter is Sunday 19thApril).


To celebrate Holy Week and Easter, we would like you to create a celebration of Holy Week and Easter. This can be in any form you would like – it could be a booklet, a series of paintings, comic strips, you could act it out and role play with your family, record yourself on your phone and show it to your family at home or elsewhere. You can decide how you would like to do this.


I have attached a powerpoint here but you can also do your own research and add any relevant bible verses.



Virtual Days Out


As it is the Easter holidays I would like you all to go on some virtual days out. I have attached a list of places you can visit around the world – try to do one a day and work through the list over the coming weeks.  The list is below. If the website doesn’t open straight from the link, right click and then paste into your browser.

60+ Virtual Tours and Trips


There is also some numeracy and literacy below:

Maths_Y6_Week_3_Day 1_Teacher Powerpoint

Y6 Week 3 Day 1

Y6 Week 3 Day 2

Y6 Week 3 Day 3

Y6 Week 3 Day 4

Y6 Week 3 Day 5

Highwayman Performance

Perfect Form Powerpoint with audio

Punctuation Powerpoint with audio

Year 6 Day 1

Year 6 Day 2

Year 6 Day 3

Year 6 Day 4

Year 6 Day 5



Please remember to stay safe and stay at home.


Ms Hayward and Mrs Clarke-Benson