Friday 19th October – Half Term!

It has been a busy week for Year 6! We have been finishing our current topics in literacy and numeracy (autobiographies and decimals), we’ve had inclusion week and we have also done our first set of SATs papers. We are sending all of these papers home with children so you can see how your child has done so far.

The weekly writing task is in your pink book and you can find all other home learning for half term and answers for last week below:

Comprehension: festival of light reading comp fri 19 oct   festival of light reading comp questions fri 19 oct

Numeracy: fri 19 oct fractions

Grammar: fri 19 dashes    fri 19 determiners   fri 19 formal    fri 19 fronted adverbials   fri 19 synonyms

Answers for last week: fri 12 adverbs answer   fri 12 modifying prepositions answers   fri 12 paragraphs answers   fri 12 plural and possessive answers   fri 12 semi colon answer    malcom x fri 12 oct answers   fractions assessment fri 12 oct answers

Have a great half term and don’t forget Boosters are every Tuesday and Thursday when we come back!

Ms Hayward, Miss Malik and Mrs Winters