Peace at Last!

Hello parents/ carers,


This week’s topic book is ‘Peace at Last’. Children have been exploring houses from the past and present and compared similarities and differences (e.g. in the past people were using buckets of water to wash their clothes were as now people have washing machines).





In maths, we revisit 2D shapes and their properties and introduced more 3D shapes.

We looked around our environment and find many objects with different shapes.


Children learnt about germs and how we need to wash our hand through experiments. We pretend that ground black pepper were the germs and they put soap to keep the germs away.





During RE, we learnt how we show our love to God in his house by lighting a candle in church and saying a prayer:  Dear God, I came to light a candle at school today, to show how much I love you, Amen.



Have a lovely weekend,

Early Years Team.