Year 2 Week Ending 23.2.18

Welcome to Year 2!

We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable break

This week in Year 2

In our Literacy lessons we have been exploring explanation texts. We have identified the key features of explanation texts including the use of headings, information, conjunctions, technical language and comparative vocabulary. We have then explored further the effect conjunctions and comparative vocabulary have on explanation texts.

In Numeracy we began the week exploring 2D shapes and in particular the different features these have. We examined regular and irregular 2D shapes and described these using the terms sides, corners and lines of symmetry.

Towards the end of the week we have been exploring inverse operations and how we use these to check our calculations. We learnt that if we do an addition calculation we need to do a subtraction calculation to check it and if we do a subtraction calculation we need to do an addition calculation to check it.

In R.E. this week, we have celebrated Clean Monday which took place on 19th February. We had great fun before half term making our kites and enjoyed flying them this week.

Next Week in Year 2

Subject We will be learning…
Literacy ·        We will be continuing our learning on explanation texts by creating notes and writing our own explanation texts.
Numeracy ·         We will be rounding numbers to the nearest 10.

·        We will be comparing numbers using greater than (>) and less than (<).

·        We will be identifying 2D shapes on the surface of 3D shapes.

RE ·         We will be understanding why the Greek Orthodox Church is special.




Your username and password for Mathletics is stuck inside the cover of your yellow reading record.

Weekend Writing Challenge

In literacy this week we have been learning about ‘Explanation Texts’. We have learnt that Explanation texts explain to us how a process works. To help us understand this we have identified their key features (pictures/diagrams, ordered paragraphs, joining words: because, this means, so etc, comparative words: brighter, smaller etc, technical vocabulary: mammals, nutrients etc and glossary) by exploring different texts about animals. For your writing challenge this week I would like you to choose two animals and write a comparison of them both. You need to include in your writing:-

  • The use of comparative words such as: smaller, heaviest etc
  • The name of your animals.
  • Some extended sentences (and, so, such as).
  • Full stops and capital letters in the correct places.

I would like you to present your learning in a creative way and write at least a page for your comparison. I look forward to reading them!

Your Weekend Writing Books should be back in school on Wednesdays.


Book Bags: Please ensure that the children bring their book bag to school every day, as in addition to being a means of transporting reading materials it is a valuable method of communication. We encourage the children to give important notes from their parents direct to their class teacher.

Uniform: Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Children will need their P.E. kits in school on a Monday as this is our PE day. Please encourage children to be independent dressers at home, as these skills will be helpful at school.

Reading: We change the children’s reading books daily, so if they have finished their books please ensure that the children put their home reading record and reading book in the basket every morning to be changed. Please support your child with reading at home and record a comment in their reading record.

Phonics: The phonics scheme we follow is Read, Write Inc. Please read and practise your sounds and spellings with your child at home.


Spellings: This week’s spellings are – want, watch, wander, quantity, squash

Year 2 Spelling List


Times Tables: Please continue to practise your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables at home as we will be completing weekly challenges on these. They will be given in a random order so please do not just focus on the answers! 

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another enjoyable week.

Miss MacKinnon and Miss Howden

Ms Young and Miss Beaton