Year 2 Week Ending 24.11.2017

Welcome to Year 2! 

This week in Year 2

In our Literacy lessons we have been looking at Traditional Tales and we explored the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have been learning how to join sentences together using co-ordinating conjunctions such as for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so and subordinating conjunctions such as because, that, since, when, although, if. We have also been learning how to write a section of speech between characters using inverted commas.

In Numeracy we have continued our learning about fractions. We have identified halves and quarters of numbers. We have recorded fractions on a number line.

½ of 8=4         ¼ of 8=2

We have also explored reflective symmetry using various 2D Shapes.

In R.E. this week, we have learnt the importance of icons.

We have been continuing our learning on our new topic ‘What Is Our School Made Of?’ which has a science focus. We have been looking at the different materials our school is made from and have thought about the advantages and disadvantages of these.

Next week in Year 2

Subject We will be learning…
Literacy ·        We will continue our learning on Traditional Tales. We will talk about the setting, characters and identify the language of traditional stories.
Numeracy ·        The children will be sorting and comparing common 2D shapes and everyday objects.
RE ·        We will be continue our learning about icons.
Phonics Miss Mackinnon’s group will be focusing on o-e, u-e, oi

Ms Young’s group will be focusing on are, ur, er.

Miss Beaton’s and Miss Howden’s group will be focusing on at, ee and igh.


Homework and Home Learning Project

 Your home learning project is to design a new school building.

For your homelearning project we would like the children to design a new school building using their own ideas e.g. What would like the playground to look like? Would there be any green areas? Where would the hall be?

The children can draw a picture and label different parts of the school building as well as the materials each part of the school would be made of OR the children can design a new school building using a variety of junk/ craft materials such as cardboard boxes, card, pipe cleaners, lollipop sticks etc.

Your home learning project is due on Friday 8th December 2017.

If you have any problems or need some help, then please come and see us as soon as possible, do not leave it until the hand in date.We look forward to seeing your completed projects. Good Luck!

Year 2 Homework 24.11.17

Your username and password for Mathletics is stuck inside the cover of your yellow reading record.

Weekend Writing Task

This week in literacy we have been introduced to a new topic: Traditional Tales. We have focused on the story of The Three Little Pigs and have described the characters using good and bad characteristics. For your writing challenge I would like you to create an interview with either the little pigs or the wolf. You need to include in your writing:-
• At least 5 interesting questions you would like to ask them and their answers.
• Question words at the beginning of each question e.g. who, what, when, where, how, why.
• Full stops or question marks at the end of each sentence.
• Capital letters at the beginning of each sentence.
I would like you to be as creative as possible and write at least a page for your interview. I look forward to reading them!


Please return your books to school every Wednesday.


Book Bags: Please ensure that the children bring their book bag to school every day, as in addition to being a means of transporting reading materials it is a valuable method of communication. We encourage the children to give important notes from their parents direct to their class teacher.

Uniform: Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Please encourage children to be independent dressers at home, as these skills will be helpful at school.

Reading: We change the children’s reading books daily, so if they have finished their books please ensure that the children put their home reading record and reading book in the basket every morning to be changed. Please support your child with reading at home and record a comment in their reading record.

Phonics: The phonics scheme we follow is Read, Write Inc. Please read and practise your sounds and spellings with your child at home.

RWI sounds for parents

Spellings: This week’s spellings are – cry, fly, dry, try, reply, July

Year 2 Spelling List


Times Tables: Please continue to practise your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables at home as we will be completing weekly challenges on these. They will be given in a random order so please do not just focus on the answers! 

Nativity: please continue to practise your lines of the Christmas Nativity which will be taking place on the 12th December.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another fun filled week.

Miss MacKinnon and Miss Howden

Ms Young and Miss Beaton