Spetses and Zakynthos Home Learning 1.6.2020

Spetses and Zakynthos Home Learning 1.6.2020

Hello Spetses and Zakynthos,

We hope you are keeping well and safe. Please continue to access the sites and links online to help you with your learning at home. Well done for completing your activities and working hard! Keep it up! : )

You can find this week’s daily learning activities below.

In Numeracy you will be focusing on adding 1-digit number to 3-digit numbers using place value and number facts, subtracting 1-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers using similar strategies. You will also be telling the time to the minute on analogue and digital clocks, finding and comparing time durations, converting from analogue times to digital to help with the subtraction and revise units of time.

Y3 Week 9 Day 1 Powerpoint

Y3 Week 9 Day 1

Y3 Week 9 Day 2

Y3 Week 9 Day 3

Y3 Week 9 Day 4

Y3 Week 9 Day 5

In Literacy you will be listening to The Sword in the Stone and then reading a version in print. Answering questions on the text. Summarising characters and their relationships.  Watching an adaptation of the same story. Writing a paragraph from given stimuli. Summarising and re-telling the story. Listening to and reading ‘A Good Play’, a poem by RL Stevenson. Listening to some teaching on past and present tense and then completing given exercises. Listening to and reading ‘The Swing’ by RL Stevenson. Listening to teaching on the progressive form, then writing sentences using this. Writing creatively. Reading Where Go the Boats by RL Stevenson. Learning about the perfect form from the teaching, and practising it. Choosing a favourite poem and memorising it.

Robert Louis Stevenson Poems

Tenses with audio

Year 3 Week 8 Day 1

Year 3 Week 8 Day 2

Year 3 Week 8 Day 3

Year 3 Week 8 Day 4

Year 3 Week 8 Day 5

Have a good week and look after yourselves!

Ms Young and Miss Appiagyei