Welcome to Year 5

Year 5- Friday 4th March 2021

Yay! You’ve made it! Today is the last day of online learning, we are so proud of how well you have all done. We hope you have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

English 9.30am

Lockdown_Internet PDF



Maths 11.30am

Lesson Presentation Converting Millilitres and Litres PPT

Lesson Presentation Converting Millilitres and Litres PDF

Differentiated Measuring Smoothies Activity Sheets

Answers – Converting Millilitres and Litres

Horizontal Format – Converting Millilitres and Litres


Greek 2pm 

Please see Greek Page


Afternoon Learning

As we have been looking at Eco Awareness in English this week, here are some slides about Renewable energy and things that have been put in place to help reduce the environmental damage to the Earth.

Renewable or Non-Renewable PDF

Then go through these slides and complete the tasks on thing you can do at home to conserve resources and help the environment

 Conserving Resources PPT

Conserving Resources pdf

 Saving Resources Activity 

Year 5- Thursday 4th March

Samos will not have live lessons today, please do the learning independently.

Ydra will continue live lessons, don’t forget to dress up for world book day!

9.30AM English

Spellings-for-Friday 5th-March

EcoAwareness Story PDF

EcoAwareness Story PPT

11.30am Maths

Presentation Masses of Animals

Presentation-Masses-of-Animals PDF

Differentiated Masses of Animals Activity Sheets

Answers – Masses of Animals

Horizontal Format – Masses of Animals

TOPIC-Independent learning

In celebration of world book day, can you write a review about your favourite book? Remember to include why you like it, your favourite part, favourite/least favourite characters etc. Make them as neat as possible and include pictures, bring them to school next week for a display!

Year 5 – Wednesday 3rd March

English 9.30am

Dystopia Comp pdf

Dystopia Comp – Teaching Slides

Dystopia Comprehension


Maths 11.30am

Differentiated Treasure Trove Activity Sheet

Lesson Presentation Treasure Island

Lesson-Presentation-Treasure-Island PDF


Topic – Afternoon Independent Learning 

Lesson Presentation Where Our Food Comes From

Food Miles Activity Sheet


Year 5 Tuesday 2nd March

English 9.30am

Spellings-for-Friday 5th-March

Informal letter

Informal letter pdf

Maths 11.30am

Lesson Presentation Wildlife Explorer

Differentiated Converting Metric Measurements of Length

Lesson Presentation Wildlife Explorer


Can you create an informative poster about how humans can affect the planet?

You could include deforestation, air pollution, sea pollution, poaching etc. or you can focus on one aspect.

Year 5 Monday 1st March

World Book Day!

This Thursday is World Book Day. Although we are not in school to dress-up, that doesn’t mean we can’t. Those of you who would like to get dressed-up on Thursday for our lessons, by all means do! We will be sharing the costumes we wear at the end of the lesson. It would be lovely if as many of you as possible got dressed up, so we can all have some fun.

Samos Class – there will be No Online Lessons  on Thursday morning so please dress up for World book day on Friday 5th.


English 9.30am

Dear Humans text

Dear Humans PPT

Dear Humans PDF

Maths 10.30am

Lesson Presentation Decimal Addition and Subtraction

Lesson Presentation Decimal Addition and Subtraction (PDF)

Addition and Subtraction of Decimals Activity Sheets

Answers – Addition and Subtraction of Decimals Activity Sheets

Decimal Shapes Activity Sheet

Differentiated Shape Problems Challenge Cards

RE- Independent learning

Lesson Presentation – What Is Forgiveness

Lesson Presentation – What Is Forgiveness (PDF)

Reflecting on Forgiving Activity Sheets

Year 5 – Friday 26th February

English 9:30am 

Spellings-for-Friday 5th-March


Fair_Trade_KS2 pdf

Maths 11.30am

Ordering-Decimals Friday

Ordering-Decimals Friday pdf





Greek 2pm

Please see Greek Page


Topic- Independent learning – Geography 




And some colouring when you finish.


Year 5 Thursday 25th February

English 9.30 am


thursday 25

thursday 25 pdf

Myth and Legends Word Mat

Maths 11.30am

Ordering Thursday 

Ordering Thursday




Greek 2pm

Please see Greek Page


Topic- Independent learning

Create an art piece to illustrate your myth

You can do a drawing, painting, collage or even make a comic strip! Be creative

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Year 5 Wednesday 24th February 2021

English 9.30 am

wed 24 pdf

wed 24

Myth and Legends Word Mat

Maths 11.30am

PowerPoint – Rounding Decimals

PowerPoint – Rounding Decimals PDF

Horizontal Format – Rounding Decimals

Answers – Rounding Decimals





Greek 2pm

Please see Greek Page

Topic- Independent learning

For today’s task you will be researching an engineer and creating a factifle on them. This could be an engineer you looked at in Monday’s lesson,  an engineer we learned about in Black History Month or any other engineer


Year 5 Tuesday 23rd February

English 9.30am


Tuesday 23 pdf

Tuesday 23 PPT

Myth and Legends Word Mat


Maths 11.30am

On the Beach Rounding – Activity Sheet


Presentation PDF






Greek 2pm

See Greek page

Topic- Independent learning.

Continue with your junk modelling for Engineering Week or choose a different challenge to make


Year 5 Monday 22nd February

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half term!

English 9.30am

Monday 22 PPT 

Monday 22 pdf




Maths 11.30am

Monday maths lesson

Monday maths lesson PDF

Minibeast Rounding – Activity Sheet

Maths extension challenge

Maths extension challenge answers

Greek 2pm

Please see Greek page

Topic- Independent learning.

This week is Engineers week so we would like for you to choose 3 projects from the challenge cards to create at home. If you really want to challenge yourself, you could choose one for each day to complete! Please take pictures of your wonderful creations so we can see what great engineers you are!