Welcome to Reception

Christmas is coming to Reception

First of all, thank you to those who brought and shared the projects.

These last weeks. we were on an amazing trip through the forest. Walking and singing, walking and dancing, we found… a bear cottage!!! Reception did not go in, but a blond girl called Goldilocks was in.  She ate the bears porridge, sat on their chairs, she broke one and slept in their beds. We talked about being safe and things that we need to be aware of, and there is much more than just bears outside: cars, bicycles, strangers,…

We are almost at Christmas time, so we have been rehearsing our Nativity Play for weeks and creating crafts for our classroom decoration. To be even more ready, what about if at home we make some Christmas decoration for our Christmas tree and classroom while you sing the Nativity songs and practice your individual lines that where sent home???



A Wriggly Nativity – YouTube

Knock On Another Door – YouTube

Dancing About In The Straw – YouTube

Twinkling Stars – YouTube

Skip, Skip, Skippity Hop – YouTube



Brighten your bag competition!

Hello St Cyprian’s, 

The brighten your bag competition is back again! yayyyy

We have had some amazing submissions over the years and hope we can continue this in 2021.

If you would like to take part the deadline for submissions is Friday 19th November 2021.

More information can be found on the poster below and if you have any more questions please ask Miss Moloney or Mr Skinner

Brighten Your Bag Poster 2021

Some examples


Home Learning 5.11.21

Hello Reception,

Our adventure this week have come along Stick Man. We are still exploring the woods, but going with Stick Man to many other places through the seasons.

Stick Man

We have had fun creating stickman and predicting what will happen next in the story. In the future weeks we will be looking at the seasons that appear in this story. To help us understand this more we have set a home learning all about AUTUMN.

More details are provided in the link below.

Home learning 05.11.21

We hope you have a lovely weekend

Miss Moloney & Miss Mozo

Happy Half Term

Hello Reception,

This half term we have really loved getting to know all of you and settling into our lovely classes.

It was so much fun looking at Into the Woods. We were immersed in a huge forest with many trees, its leaves were falling down and turning yellow, orange and red, so we decided to go on a leaf hunt. We went…. not over, not under, it was… through it!! Through the grass, the river, mud, a forest, even a snowstorm and we found many animals living there, foxes, rabbits, three Owls Babies looking for their mum, a big bear that scared us a little bit and many, many others.

We travelled to West Africa and discovered another forest, but this one had leopards, snakes, elephants, tortoises and a fine, huge and magnificent drum which we played while we sang a beautiful song called “Lava”. There we created repeating patterns and African patterns, making our amazing masks. The leopard was fierce but we were brave and counted the leopard’s spots.

Hakuna Matata!!



In Phonics we have started learning our initial sounds, giving us the foundations for reading. A good video you could use at home to help instil these sounds is listed below.


We have set a lovely home learning project you can try with the help of your adults.

Home learning 22.10.21

We hope you have a lovely and restful half term and cant wait to see you all when we are back.

Miss Moloney and Miss Mozo


Reception 2.11.2020

Reception 02.11.2020

This week we welcomed everyone back to school and continued with our topic People who help us. We learnt all about shop keepers , and all the different jobs that they do .Our book focus this week was I went to the Zoopermarket. The children wrote shopping lists using sounds mats. In Re we learnt about  how we are all different and how God loves us all. In Maths we introduced money to the children and counted using coins.


 Week Beginning – 09.11.2020

This week we will continue to learn about People who help us , and will be focusing on the  Post office

In Literacy we will be reading the book The Jolly Postman. The children will be writing their own letters.

In Maths we will be continuing to learn about money and how we can pay for items using different coins.

In RE we will be learning about Diwali.

In Phonics we will be continuing to learn the Read Write Inc sounds.

Please note

  • The children will all be bringing home a reading book this week.
  • As the weather is cold please ensure that your child has a coat in school each day, as we go outside everyday.