Welcome to Year 4

Week ending 10th May 2024

Good evening


We hope that you enjoyed our first week of Summer term.

In English we have started learning about Ancient Greek Myths . We have explored the role of the 12 Olympian Gods in these extraordinary stories and the message they wish to send to humans every time they get involved in people’s lives.

Our History is dedicated to Ancient Greece and its magnificent architecture as well as the religious beliefs and cultural identity that led Ancient Greeks to become the most influential ancient civilisation.

For RE you will create a Gospel Book following the instructions we gave you in your home learning books! Our main focus for this term is to understand how we share through the Gospel Readings and the Holy Communion.

In Maths we are learning about tenths as decimals and we are solving word problems with fractions. Practise your mathematical skills using the tasks on ed shed and the worksheets you give you in your books.

You will also find spelling tasks on ed shed . If, for any reason, you cannot access them ,please let us know.

Any reading books that you have taken home before Easter they should be returned to school the latest by next Wednesday and you should borrow 2 new books to continue your reading practice .


See you all on Monday

Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molyneux


Week ending 17th November 2023

Hello fantastic Year 4

This weekend Symi pupils will have to focus on practising their assembly lines, as next Friday it is our performance at school.

There is an English writing task and Maths exercises in your home learning book.

Try to work over the weekend as much as you can but we will carry  on with our practice from Monday onwards.

When you start working on your English task think of the Tempo Plan you used in class to inform your plot and to expand your story .

We are looking for interesting events that will engage your reader. Try to use some of the words we have learned in Latin and include some useful historical information if you wish to.

Spelling and times tables test will be next Friday.


Enjoy your weekend !


Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molyneux

Week ending 10th November 2023

Hello everyone.

Well done for your fantastic work this week.

For your English this term we would like you to focus on ways  that help us making our sentences more interesting to the reader.

Your home learning is about the use of Subordinate clauses.

Why are subordinate clauses important?

Some of the reasons are:

  • They add more useful and interesting information to a sentence
  • They turn a simple sentence into a complex sentence.
  • They establish the time sequence, causality, or a specific example of the idea.
  • Add variety to sentence structure, making writing more interesting, engaging, and sophisticated overall.

Next week we will practise further our skills of identifying this type of sentences in the book we are reading in order to inform our writing tasks.

In Maths we strongly suggest you to practise your timetables especially 6,7,8 and 9. We currently work with Adding and Subtracting 4 digit numbers but we will soon be moving to multiplication and division so knowing our timetables is essential.

Please revise your spellings from last week and practise the statutory spellings given  with the current home learning. We will be having a spelling test next Friday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molineux




Home Learning for October Half Term

Dear Symi and Ithaca pupils

We hope you are all well and that you are enjoying this half term.

We have set assignments for spelling and Maths on Ed Shed. You will have to use your log in details that you will find in your Yellow Reading Record books. It is important to allocate a time on a daily basis to do this exercises as it is a good way to revise and practise further what we have done in the classroom.

We are looking forward to receiving your Roman Standards and Shields when you come back to the school. This is our first project about our new exciting Topic  which is Roman Britain!

Keep on practising your rounding skills in Maths with the worksheets we gave you for home work.

Check your Greek Blog for updates regarding with  your Greek Language home learning tasks.

We wish you  a restful and creative half term.


Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molyneux

Week ending 6th October 2023

Hi Symi and Ithaca

During this week we discussed about our vocabulary enrichment.

It is very important that you read books at home, both fiction and non- fiction stories on a daily basis.

Remember to bring your Reading Record with comments from your parents so that we will know what do you think about the stories you read and how difficult or easy are these stories for you.

It is very  beneficial to discuss with your parents about the stories you read and to let your parents ask you questions about these stories. You can give ideas to them by giving them examples of what we do in the classroom during our daily reading lessons.

This weekend please focus on vocabulary. Find new words in the book that you have taken home to read and write them down on your notebook or a piece of paper.

Then on Monday we will discuss together  about the meanings  of these words and think about how we can use  them in our writing .


From this week we will start learning words with certain prefixes:

Block A: Words  beginning with un-

unfriendly, unclear, unemployed, uncertain, unable, unaccepted, unaided, unadmired, unabsorbed.

Please practise these words for your spelling test next week.

You will be given your log in details for ED shed learning platform next week .

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molyneux



Week ending 29th September 2023

Dear Symi and Ithaca

Thank you for the fantastic week. You really worked hard and you showed great commitment to your learning.

For this week we would like you to write a diary entry about Floella’s impressions from England.

You will need to write in the 1st person and use descriptive language(expanded noun phrases, 5 senses, similes)

You will find your task in your home learning books with relevant guidance on how to complete it and you will also find the Maths practice worksheets.

For your spellings please practise the following words:

accidentally, actually, address, answer, appear,arrive,believe,bicycle, breath, breathe

Your daily reading should be 30 minutes and try to discuss the stories you read with your parents/carers.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molyneux



Homework for Year 4 w/e 7.7.23

Dear All,

Please find attached the homework for this week.

Many thanks,

Ms Burr and Miss Oben

home learning week 5 07.07.23

Year 4 Homework for 4th July 2023

Dear all,

Please find attached the homework for Year 4 this week!

Have a wonderful weekend,

home-learning-week-5 4.7.23


Ms Burr and Miss Oben

Year 4 Homework for 30th June 2023

Dear all,

Please find attached the homework for Year 4 this week!

Have a wonderful weekend,

home learning week 4 30.06.23Ms Burr and Miss Oben

Homework for Week Ending 16th June

Dear all,


We are going to be doing our SPAG with a difference this week and there is a new sheet for you to have a go at. PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN:

Stage 4 S1-1 Identify and sort adjective_noun_prepositional phrase

The general homework is here:

home learning week 2 16.06.23


Please let your teacher know if there are any problems.


Thank you,

Ms Burr and Miss Oben