Welcome to Year 3

Week ending 30th June 2023

Hello everyone,

For this week we would like you to practise your 4, 6,7 and 8 times tables.

Additionally, we would like you to read any magazine or book that you like over the weekend so that you can share your understanding about it with the class. You may bring this book in class to show it to your peers.


Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molyneux

Friday 9th June 2023

Hello Zakynthos and Spetses

We are in Summer 2 term and we are about to complete another exciting school year going forward to Year 4.

For this term we will be focusing on developing further our writing skills and our reading comprehension. It is important to be able to use figurative language with confidence and to answer questions using evidence from the text we read.

Therefore, our home learning will include activities  based on the book we are currently reading at school and also on revising key lessons in grammar.


For this week you will find in your home learning books an extract from the book we are reading(‘The Tiger Boy’) and two questions to answer using evidence from the text. There maybe different ways to answer these questions and we will accept as correct all possible versions but remember to justify your answers using the template we have provided you with. If you have selected the correct information from the text, then it will be easy for you to complete this table.


It is a good practice to read with your parents and then answer questions based on  the story you read.

Remember to answer in full sentences using the correct punctuation.

Please revise times tables (5,6,7,8,9) for a test that we will have next week. As we are learning to divide with one and two step problems we will be focusing on exercises and activities of long division and on activities which will help us to identify key words in  division problems.

Enjoy the warm weather during this weekend and drink plenty of water!!

Mrs Tsiama and Miss Molyneux

Week ending3rd March 2023

Hi everyone

For this week you will find your home learning tasks inside your pink home learning book.

Please practise your times tables(6,7,8) during the weekend because we will be having a times table challenge on Monday!! Use SUPERMOVERS and ED SHED for your Maths activities!

Check the Greek blog for your Greek language activities.

Remember to practise with your recorders as per Mr. Brock’s instructions.

Finally, read your favourite book and write down new and interesting words to enrich your vocabulary.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs. Tsiama

Week ending 3rd March 2023

Hello everyone!

You will find your home learning tasks in your pink home learning book as usual.

Please keep on practising your timetables using the SUPERMOVERS and ed shed activities.

We will be doing times tables  challenge at school on Monday so try your best to practise this weekend.

Check your Greek blog for your Greek language activities.

Please practise with your recorders as per Mr. Brock’s instructions .


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs. Tsiama


Week ending 3rd February 2023

Hi everyone!

For this week you will find your writing task and spellings in your home learning book as usual but you need to carry on practising your 6,7 , 8,9 timetables. Use the BBC super movers to boost your confidence and speed in your multiplication and  organise a family afternoon activity with ‘HIT THE BUTTON’  game to improve your multiplying skills!

A revision of all times tables is important at this stage because we are starting working with division in the upcoming term.

Well done for your division stories last week and for improving your mathematical skills.


Keep on working hard and read at home the books you like.

We always say at school that ”READERS ARE LEADERS” so use this mindset to help you with your reading.

Mrs Tsiama

Week ending 23.12.2022

Hello  Zakynthos and Spetses

We would like to wish you Merry Christmas a a Happy, Prosperous 2023.

For your home learning during our Christmas break you will need to practise your 4,5,6 and 7 times tables, as we will be starting in January  our lessons  on  multiplication and word problems with 2 and 3 operations.

Log in to your Ed shed to work on your spellings.

Zakynthos remember to practise your song for your assembly.

We wish  you a joyful and restful Christmas break!

Mrs Tsiama

Activities for our Geography lesson by the South East Rivers Trust 25.11.2022

Hi Zakynthos and Spetses

Last week you did some fantastic learning on river systems. You also had the chance to participate in a workshop about rivers by the South East Rivers Trust.

We could all see how excited and engaged you were during this workshop and well done for your hard work.

Parents, please encourage your children to complete Junior River Ranger activities at home . You can find details of the programme here: https://www.southeastriverstrust.org/junior-river-rangers/
 If you complete any of these activities at home, write  on a piece of paper a list of the activities you completed and we will be giving you a special  River Ranger certificate.
Remember that apart from your task and spellings that you receive every week in your book you need to use your Log in details for Ed Shed to practise further  your English and Maths.
Check your Greek blog for your updated Greek home learning every Friday!
Mrs Tsiama & Mrs Hayward

Your task for this week is to write a diary entry of Nelson Mandela after he became a president. Please write this in the first person (I was released.. etc.). Use strong emotive language, rhetorical questions and powerful adjectives to describe how he would have left.

Please remember to bring your homework in by Wednesday next week!

Practise your spelling list  that you will find in your home learning book with some daily writing.

Below is the link for your Greek home learning.

Have a great weekend!

Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!

Mrs Tsiama and Mrs Hayward


Year 3 Home Learning 16.09.22

Welcome Year 3!

It is great to see all the children being so excited to be back in their school.

You will find your spellings, grammar and maths on Edshed.

Your home learning  this week is to do some research on Zakynthos and Spetses island and then make a poster or a model about the island. Please bring in your fantastic creations on Wednesday the 21st of September.


Amazing things can happen if you try!

Mrs Tsiama, Mrs Hamid&Mrs Hayward

Week ending 1.7.22

Hi all,

Thank you to all the parents who came to watch our Maths today. It was great to see you all and getting involved on our lesson.

Spetses class – On Monday we will have our final swimming lesson. Please ensure you all have your swimming kits for the start of the day. As well as our swimming kits the children will also need some light clothes such as pajamas or a tracksuit. This is because the children will be shown how they can swim while in their clothes. This is a section of the assessments for swimming in Key stage 2. The children will be wearing their swimming costumes under their light clothes. Please be aware that these clothes will get wet so please do not bring anything too nice.

Summer 2 Week 2