Welcome to Year 3

Geography Lesson 2.3.2021

Geography Lesson Oceans of the World 2.3.2021

Continents and Oceans Map

The Five Oceans Labelling Map Activity

Continent and Ocean Labelling Activity

Maths Lesson 2.3.2021

Maths Lesson 2.3.2021

Activity Sheet – Car Park – 2.3.2021

Activity Sheet – Car Park – 2.3.2021- Answers

Activity Sheet – Flowers – 2.3.2021

World Book Day Assembly



Tuesday 2nd March at 10:30am!



The event will last 30 minutes and go live 10:30am, so make sure you’re ready a few minutes before then. There’ll also be a catch-up screening at 4pm, so you can choose whichever slot works best for you!

Click on the link below! 



English Lesson 2.3.2021

English Lesson Comprehension 2.3.2021

Year 3 Questions for Reading Bookmark Question Cards

A Storm is Brewing…

A Very Unusual Winter

Spotting a Tsunami

The Official Safe-Tea Shelter


Science Lesson 1.3.2021

Science Lesson Faster and Slower 1.3.2021

Investigating Friction Activity 1.3.2021

Maths Lesson 1.3.2021

Maths Lesson 1.3.2021

Activity Sheet 1.3.2021

Activity Sheet 1.3.2021- Answers

English Lesson 1.3.2021

English Lesson 1.3.2021

Spelling Activity 1.3.2021

100 High Frequency Words

200 High Frequency Words

Statutory Spellings Years 3 and 4 Words

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

Home Learning 1.3.2021

Home Learning 1.3.2021

My Happy Place 26.2.2021

My Happy Place Activity 26.2.2021

Maths Lesson 26.2.2021

Maths Lesson 26.2.2021

Activity Sheet 1

Activity Sheet 2