Welcome to Year 4

Home learning 9.4.21

Good afternoon Yr 4’s,

Well done on completing this week, we have had a lot of work to complete and you were all up to the challenge, so excellent job!! 🙂

Home learning:

Your task this weekend is to draw once thing you have enjoyed about school this week and write a paragraph explaining why you enjoyed it so much.


Other than that, I would like you to enjoy your weekend and spend some time outside and with your family!!


Mr Skinner & Mr Theophilou


Home learning 1.4.21

Good evening Year 4s,

Well done for making it this far in the term. I know that if you have friends from other schools they may be on holiday now and we still have school, but we are really impressed with the continued attitude you have had with your work.

Just a quick reminder to keep practising your times tables as we will start testing them again from next week and we have seen that some of you are not as confident as you used to be.

This week’s writing homework is as follows:


Lily, Tulip, and Oz have made it to Egypt finally but things are not as they seem. The Canopic jar that has made Grandpa ill has now affected all of Egypt. People are falling ill everywhere. There are massive sandstorms and tornados appearing in the desert randomly. Also, it seems that the god Anubis had been brought to life as well and he is on the side of the children. Lily, Tulip, and Oz must team up with Anubis to save the whole of Egypt and potentially the whole world. However other, not so helpful, gods have been brought back from the underworld and plan to stop the team from accomplishing their goal. Will our trio and their godly companion complete their mission? Or will the world crumble from the curse of the mummy…


This homework can be handwritten in your homework book or it can be typed up onto purple mash on the 2 do I have set for you.

Enjoy your long weekend and rest up ready for Tuesday.

Happy Easter for those celebrating this weekend.

Mr Skinner and Mr Theophilou



Home learning 26.3.21

Good afternoon Yr 4’s,

Purple Mash problems: 

As some of you are aware, we have recently had some trouble on Purple Mash and assigning work. This week will not be posted on Purple Mash but please still practice your times tables.

Home learning: 

This week you will be required to write your very own mystery story. This story can be about anything that you like but need to include..

  • Pencil
  • Magnifying glass
  • Golden orb
  • Please make sure that you re-read your work and check that it all makes sense. Check your grammar, spelling and try to make it as interesting as possible.

Home learning – 19.3.21

Good afternoon Yr4’s,

Well done this week, we have covered a lot of work in both English and Maths but have done a fantastic job!! 🙂

Home learning:  

This weekend your task will be to look on Purple Mash and complete the tasks. Please continue to practice your times tables because their may be a test soon.


Have a great weekend and spend sometime outside.

Mr Skinner & Mr Theophilou

Home learning 12.3.21

Good afternoon year 4’s,

Firstly,  I want to thank you for all of your efforts this week since coming back into school. It’s been great to see all of you again.

Secondly, if you have any old teddy bears or stuffed animals that you DON’T want, it would be greatly appreciated if you brought them into class for the school to use for experiments.

Lastly, this weeks home learning will be set on Purple Mash.


Have a nice weekend.

Mr Skinner & Mr Theophilou

Year 4 27th November 2020

Dear all,

Please see the homework attached below


Mr. Theophilou

Week ending 20.11.20

Dear all,


We will keep setting you multiplication assessments on purple mash. You must complete these as often as you can. They only take 5 minutes. If you get less than 20, you need to keep practising your times tables as often as you can. We cannot stress how important it is to practise these at home constantly as there is only limited time in the school to practise.

Have a great weekend


Mr Skinner and Mr Theophilou

Home learning 13.11.20

Hi all,


Have a good weekend.




Also next week we will be competing against schools all over England in Times Table rock stars. Use the log ins given during the week and try to help our classes come top in the country.

Have a good weekend

Year 4 Half term home learning

Hi all,

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in over the half term. We are both immensely proud of the progress you have made over the 8 weeks.

Over the half term we will not be setting any writing homework as it is a good chance for you to relax and enjoy the amazing weather we will be having, 🙂

However we would like you to read every day (at least 30 minutes). Also practise your times tables using the links below:



Lastly this half term the school have created accounts for spelling shed to replace spellodorome. Using your purple mash log ins, go into that and play some spelling games. There will be A PRIZE for the person who is the leader in each class.


As always check Mathletics and purple mash for extra work as well.


Have a relaxing break,

Mr Skinner and Mr Theophilou