Welcome to Nursery

Week beginning 1st March 2021


Welcome to the last week of online learning! We hope you had a lovely weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you in school on Monday 8th March!


Task 1: Literacy – Read ‘Dinosaurs after dark’. This book is great for the imagination! What do you think dinosaurs would do at night-time in the dark? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU6pQ6yn5y0 What do the dinosaurs get up to at night? What would you do at night if you were a dinosaur?

Do you know what animals come out and play at night? Have a at this PDF nocturnal-animals-display-posters can you draw a picture of your favourite nocturnal animal?

Task 2: Maths – Number blocks number 18. Say the numbers together using the picture number line.

Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7-8xyYGPUg

Practise writing the number 18! 1 – Straight down 8 – Slither down the snake and back to the top. 


Task 1: Maths – Comparing amounts. Look at these pictures. counting and comparing Count how many items are in each circle, do they have the same amount? Do this for each page.

  • Triangles/crosses – Dominoes. Look at these dominoes or ones you have at home. Do they have the same number of dots on each side? Can you sort them into two groups, ones with the same amount and ones that have different amounts.
  • Squares – Draw two circles, draw some objects/spots inside the circles. Do you have the same number of objects/spots? Which one has the most? Which one has the least?
  • Circles – Look at these pictures. Can you fill in the boxes? How many objects do you have altogether? counting and combining amounts

Task 2: Phonics– Can you sit upon a pin? Make cards with these sounds on. p, i, n, t, d, o, g, l. Say the sounds on each card.

The track will ask you questions and I would like you to build the words you hear at the end of each question. (pin/dog/tin/log). Can you make any other words using the sound cards?


Task 1: RE – Gods First Family – Recap over how God made the world. On the last day God made Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth and God wanted them to start a family, the first family. Read this story about Adam and Eve. Adam-and-Eve-Story-PowerPoint Talk about rules and listening to directions. Why do we need to follow rules? Why do we have them? Most of the time its to keep us safe. Can you draw a picture of your family? 

Task 2: Maths/Science – Capacity – Using a water tray or while you are in the bath explore using bottles and containers. If you have one use a scoop or small cup, how many scoops or cups of water would you need to fill your container or bottle? Guess how many and then try it out. Which container or bottle holds the most amount of scoops or cups of water? Were you right?


Task 1: Phonics – Tap, tap, tap. Can you tap/pat/spin and count to 3? Practise these actions and then play the track. Join in with the song as much as you can. What else can you tap? pat? can you add this to the song?

Task 2: Literacy – Dinosaurs love underpants. Read this story together.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d34Q96KVUvQ. The children enjoy the story as it does have a funny side. Ask the children to design their own pair of pants! Use this template or draw your own. What would you draw on your pants?

I would also talk to the children and explain that although we are having fun with pants they should keep their pants to themselves! This is a nice song/video from the NSPCC that the children enjoy.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lL07JOGU5o You might want to play it to yourself first so you know what its about and what is said.


Tasks for Friday:

  • Please use today to catch up on any learning you may have missed this week.
  • You might also like to use today to put together a costume for our Nursery World book day celebration on Wednesday 10th March. Here are some ideas!
  • I would also like you to send me any photos that you may have of your child’s learning during lockdown. I would like to put them on display in the classroom so the children can see them on Monday. (If you have already sent me your pictures you do not need to send those)

We are really looking forward to seeing in school on Monday 8th March, please be aware that the nursery times have now changed to 8:50-11:50!

Please send pictures of your learning to nursery@st-cyprians.croydon.sch.uk.

Thank you for all your support, Mrs Herne.

Week beginning 22nd February

Welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing break and we are looking forward to starting our new topic!


This half-term we will be learning about dinosaurs and animals starting with dinosaurs.


Task 1: Literacy – Read ‘Dinosaur Chase’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOxLpPiktmE This story is a great way to start to our learning about dinosaurs. The book shows us different types of dinosaurs, where they live and how they behave. If you were a dinosaur who would you be and what would you be able to do? Can you draw a picture of you as a dinosaur?

Task 2: Maths – Number blocks number 17. Read the number line first, which number is the biggest? which number is the smallest? Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n83v2kWUC9M. Say the number again pointing at the 7 (seven) then the 1 (teen). Can you practice writing the number seventeen, make sure you put the 1 first. Straight down (1) and across the sky and down from heaven (7). Practise the other numbers too, can you write a number line from 0-17?

Task 3: Well Being February – Monday 22nd February – Draw your favourite time of year. Is it your birthday? Christmas? Winter? Summer? You choose!


Task 1: Maths – Read ’10 little dinosaurs’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DE_QkBDYJc Count to 10 and then back again just like the story. Can you draw your own ten little dinosaurs and write the numbers underneath?

Task 2: Phonics – Singing sound talk. Read these sounds b, a, g, l, e, f, i and sh. Play the track and build the words as they are said bag/leg/fish. The sounds are not how I would like to say them so maybe say them yourself after the CD. 

  • Diamonds – Can you draw a picture of the things you heard?
  • Moons/crosses – Can you draw a picture of the things you heard and write the words with the pictures?
  • Suns – What can you find around you home that start with the sounds from the song?

Task 3: Well Being February – Tuesday 23rd February – What do you dream about? Draw one of your dreams. 


Task 1: RE – The Baptism of Jesus. Read the story. Baptism Have you been baptised/christened? Can you find a photo and talk about it with your family.

If not have a look at these pictures and talk about what you see. Baptism-sequencing

Task 2: Literacy/Science – Finding out information about dinosaurs. Watch the videos, watch/read the books or read any dinosaur books you have at home, what can you find out about dinosaurs? What are they called? Who big are they? What do they like to eat? etc 

Task 3: Well Being February – Wednesday 24th February – Listen to some music at the same time as drawing. What is in your mind when listening to the music?


Task 1: Phonics – Can you guess? What are these sounds? p, o, t, h, l. Listen to the track and use the sounds to make the words. What do you notice about the words? say them again. They all have ‘ot’!

  • Diamonds/crosses – Can you draw pictures of these words, pot/hot/cot/dot/tot?
  • Moons – Can you write the words from the track?
  • Suns – How many more 3 letter words can you make that have ‘ot’ at the end? Write them down and check that have ‘ot’ at the end.

Task 2: Art and design – Can you build a 3D dinosaur using recycled materials? Here are some ideas to help you. Dinosaur junk

Task 3: Well Being February – Thursday 25th February – Smiling challenge. Draw a huge smiling face then write down all the reasons that make you smile or laugh.


Please use today to finish anything that you have not had a chance to do this week and send me some photos of your learning.

Task 1: Dinosaur trip to the museum!! Watch this dinosaur tour and talk about what you might see if you went to the museum. A museum is a great way to find out about the past.

Take a Field Trip to a Dinosaur Exhibit | Dinosaurs in Motion Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K – YouTube

Well Being February – Friday 26th February – Draw a picture of yourself! Use a mirror to take in all the details of your beautiful face. 

Saturday and Sunday

Well Being February – Saturday 27th February – Draw something in nature today. It could be an animal, bird, insect, flower of leaf. 

Well Being February – Sunday 28th February – Draw someone you love. Why do you love them?

Have a great weekend!!

Here is a celebration of this weeks learning! Celebration

Please send me your learning, its always great to see what you have been up to at home! nursery@st-cyprians.croydon.sch.uk

Please don’t forget to use the Epic reading website!

Best wishes, Mrs Herne

12th February 2021

Celebration of learning

Well done for all your hard work this week, you will find pictures of your learning on this link!

Celebration of learning

Here are your Well Being February activities for over the half term.

  • Saturday 13th – Draw around one of your hands and then decorate each finger with something you are good at.
  • Sunday 14th – Draw a picture of a fun event you have had. Who was there? What did you do?
  • Monday 15th – Close your eyes and scribble on a piece of paper, enjoying the feeling of being free to scribble!
  • Tuesday 16th – Can you draw something just with the letters of your name?
  • Wednesday 17th – Draw a gift you would give to someone very special to you.
  • Thursday 18th – What do your worries look like? Are they monsters or something else? Draw your worries today and talk to someone about them.
  • Friday 19th – Make some patterns today and then colour them all in to make a beautiful piece of art. 
  • Saturday 20th – Create some bunting for a celebration. What might you be celebrating? It can be anything at all.
  • Sunday 21st – Create your own character for the emotion of happiness. What might it look like? Draw it.

We hope that you have a fun and safe half term.

Feel free to send me some pictures of your half term!

Best wishes, Mrs Herne

Week beginning 8.2.21

Chinese New Year

We hope you had a lovely weekend!

This week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year.


Task 1: English – Read ‘Dragon dance’, this book will explain about Chinese new year and why and how we celebrate it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvOQplm9YDU

This is how you write in Chinese, can you use this to write your name in Chinese?

Read the ‘Chinese Zodiac story’. Chinese zodiac story Talk about the animals in the story and the order that they came in the story. Were all the animals friendly? You all have a year named after you too! If you were born in 2016 you are a Monkey and if you were born in 2017 you area a Rooster, Can you draw a picture of your animal year?

Task 2: Maths – Number blocks number 16. count to 16 using the Number blocks number line. Watch the video. Practise writing the number 16.


Task 3: Well being February – 8th February – Draw yourself as a superhero. What is your super power? How does it feel being a superhero?


Task 1: Maths – Ordinal numbers – Link to the Chinese zodiac story from yesterday. See if you have the animals from the story at home, if not use others in their place. Line up the animals and talk about who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. You might like to write these down and place them next to each animal in the line, focusing on the number. Then ask the children questions like, who came first? who came last? who came after the tiger? who came before the rooster?

Task 2: Internet Safety day – Read this story about Smartie the penguin. Smartie-the-Penguin-for-EYFS story 1 Its all about staying safe when the children are online. Read as much as you feel your child can understand or over a couple of days. We have read the first section in class but it will not hurt to recap over this part. Try to sing the song each time to encourage the children to remember what to do!

Task 3: Well being February – 9th February – What scares you? Draw a picture of your biggest fear!


Task 1: RE – How God made Winter. Refer back to how God made the world, he also made seasons. Focus on Winter which is what they can see outside right now. I really hope that you are enjoying the snow! Can you make a winter collage? You can stick, paint or draw things that you can see, things you wear, things we celebrate and maybe paint your own winter tree! 


Task 2: Phonics – Robot. Show the children the sounds c, a, t, b, h and m. Play the CD and write the sounds as they are said and say the word they heard. The words are cat, bat, pat and mat. Once you have written them down have a look at them and see if you can find what the words all have, at. Say them all again and make sure the children can hear the sound at the end. 

Task 3: Well being February – 10th February – Draw some important memories for you!


Task 1: Science – Push and pull. Watch ‘Push and Pull’, Kit and Pup which will demonstrate pushing and pulling. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bcv1vd/kit-pup-series-1-11-push-and-pull. Demonstrate pushing and pulling by singing and moving to row, row, row your boat and then using the items in your homes, you might also like to play Jenga if you have one. The video also links to snow, we hope you had fun in the snow this week! Then explore pushing and pulling in your home.  Can you…

  • PUSH: pram
  • PULL: taking labels of weather chart
  • PUSH/PULL: chair/fridge door/scissors/hoover

Task 2: Phonics – Transport lotto. Talk through the lotto card and make your own sounds you think the track may say. Listen to the track, can you find the sounds on the card?

Transport lotto

  • Suns – Can you write the words to go with these pictures? What sounds can you hear? building CVC words
  • Moons – What are these sounds? a, f, i, k, l, m and o. Can you draw a picture of something starting with each sound?
  • Diamonds/crosses – Can you draw a picture with some of the transport sounds you heard?

Task 3: Well being February – 11th February – What does anger (being cross) look like? Can you draw anger?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Please take this time to have a go at some of the activities you have not had a chance to do this week.

Task 1: Maths/Investigation – Penny Challenge. Can you collect as many 1p coins as you can and line them up on the ground. Measure your line of 1p coins using your feet or hands. How long is your line of coins? You can use other types of coins if you like but try and keep it to the same item. 

Task 2: RE – Valentines day – Read the PDF which explains a little about what valentines day is. Valentines day Its a day to tell someone you love them, it could be anyone that cares for you. Make a card for someone you love! Here are some ideas.

Task 3: Well being February – 12th February – Draw something you are thankful for today.

Well done for all you hard work please keep sending me pictures of your learning! nursery@st-cyprians.croydon.sch.uk

Best wishes, Mrs Herne

5th February 2021

Celebration of learning

Well done for all you hard work this week, Please find pictures of your learning on this link!

Celebration of learning

Well Being February

  • Saturday 6th – Where do you feel the safest? Draw your safe place. It can be anywhere at all where you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Sunday 7th – Draw a picture with your eyes closed. How does it feel to be free to draw anything from your imagination?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Best Wishes, Mrs Herne

Week beginning 1.2.21

Transport – Review

This week we will be reviewing all the learning so far about different modes of transport.


Task 1: English – Read the book ‘Emergency. We have read this book before when we were leaning about people who help us. This time we are going to focus on the mode of transport used for each emergency. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjiQBbPMMf0

Can you draw a picture that shows 1 mode of transport that we use on the road? in the sky? and in/on the water?

Task 2: Maths – Number blocks number 15. Count to 15 using this number line. Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcJbDeCjtcU

What two numbers make up the number 15? Can you practise writing the number 15? 1- straight down, 5 – across, down, big fat tummy! make sure they are next to each other as they are friends. 

Task 3: Well being February – 1st February – What makes you happy? Draw anything at all that expresses your happiness.


Task 1: RE – God made all living things. You need to go back to your picture from the past few weeks. You should have drawn the sky, the land and the water already. Today I want you to add all living things! Can you draw or stick pictures of animals/people to the sky, the land and the water. After God made the world he then took the next day to rest. Recap over the story using this PDF.

Adam-and-Eve-Story living things

Task 2: Science – Under and over. We were learning about over and under in class before the Christmas holidays and we would like you to explore this at home this week. Watch the video of Kit and Pup. Find a basket of objects and a chair. Can you put your objects under the chair? Can you put your objects on/over the chair?


Task 3: Well being February – 2nd February – Create a picture of calm by cutting out pictures that are calming for you. Stick them to a piece of card and hang it up in your room.


Task 1: Maths – Read the book ‘One is a snail, ten is a crab’. This story focuses on counting how many legs are on the page. It could be one animal/creature it could be more. 


  • Triangles/crosses – Count how many legs their are on each page. Can you write the numbers?  Focus on pages up to 20 is 2 crabs.
  • Squares – Introduce calculations, the snail has 1 leg the person has 2 legs how many legs are altogether? Focus on pages up to 20 is 2 crabs.
  • Circles – Introduce calculations, the snail has 1 leg the person has 2 legs how many legs are altogether? Focus on pages up to 20 is 2 crabs. Read the rest of the story and talk about counting in 10’s.

Task 2: Phonics – Make the sounds. Introduce the sounds m, a, n, b, e, d, p. i, g, t, o, make sure the the children are saying the sounds correctly. 

  • Suns – How many 3 letter words can you make using these sounds?
  • Moons– Can you spell these words (man/bed/pig/top)
  • Diamonds/crosses – What sound can you hear at the start of these pictures


Task 3: Well being February – 3rd February – Draw a large heart on a piece of paper and fill it with colour to represent how you are feeling right now.


Task 1: RE – The Three Hierarchs. The Three Hierarchs were three very special people many years ago. They were all great at doing something but when they came together as a team they were an amazing team. We celebrate them as a team on the 30th January every year. Read the PDF and talk about what they were good at.

Can you draw a picture of yourself and tell me what you are good at?

The Three Hierarchs PDF

Task 2: Phonics – Talking bag. Please say the sounds with the video first (stop when it gets to stretchy vowel sounds). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6OiU2h3sUI

Listen to the track and remember the tune as you may want to sing it yourself each time rather than play it each time. Have a few objects from your home in a bag/bowl here are a few ideas: bag/tin/pig/hat/cup/cat/rat/pan/van/pen

  • Suns – Can you say the sounds in your object and then write your word down?
  • Moons – Can you repeat the sounds that are in the word?
  • Diamonds/crosses – What sound does your object start with?

Task 3: Well being February – 4th February – If you could choose an animal to turn into for one day, which animal would you choose and why? Can you draw it?


Please use today to complete anything you did not get a chance to do this week.

Please send me some pictures of your learning so that I can add them to our celebration page.

Task 1: Please watch this video which will review our transport learning and how God made the world! Talk about transport and the world while watching the video.

A Story on Transport – English Educational Videos | Little Smart Planet – YouTube

Task 2: Here is a maths game you game have a go at!

Helicopter Rescue – Mental Maths for 4 to 8 Year Olds (topmarks.co.uk)

  • Circles – Find a number from 1-30
  • Squares – Find a number from 1-20
  • Triangles/crosses – Find a number from 1-10

Task 3: Here are some stories you could share today or over the weekend:

Task 4: Well being February – 5th February – What is in your mind right now? Draw a huge thinking bubble and fill it with drawings.

Well done for all you home learning! I would love hear from you and to see what you are up to!

Please contact me at nursery@st-cyprians.croydon.sch.uk

Best wishes, Mrs Herne

29th January 2021

Celebration of learning

Well done for your hard work this week, please find pictures of your learning on this link!

Celebration PDF

Have a great weekend everyone!

Best wishes, Mrs Herne.

Week beginning 25.1.21

Transport – on/under the sea

We hope you had a lovely weekend!

This week we are thinking about transport that you might use on/in the sea. This story is just one story for this week.


Task 1: Read ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqICulEBUwA

This story introduces transport that travels on the water, boats. Have fun with the story, Do the animals listen? Would they have fell in the water if they had listened? Were they angry with each other? Did the story end happy/sad? What do they do at the end?

Task 2: Creative/Science – Using the story for this week I would like you to make a boat! Use something plastic if you can, something from your recycling would be great. You then need to use your plastic toy animals/people.

  • How many toys can you fit inside your boat? Keep putting toys in your boat until it falls in the water, how many toys made your boat fall in the water?
  • Are your animals big/small? How many big things/small things can you fit in your boat? 
  • How heavy are your toys? What happens when you put heavy things into your boat?


Task 1: Maths – Counting and addition. Warm up by counting to 20! Play this game, underwater counting. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/underwater-counting

  • Triangles – Complete this Mr Gumpy’s Outing counting sheet. You can print the sheet if you like, if not you can write the total on paper/cards or use magnetic numbers. A-Special-Outing-Counting 1
  • the water.  Recap over the story using this link, Adam-and-Eve-Story part 3 Can you add a river or sea to your pictures?


Task 1: Maths – Number blocks number 14. Count to 14 using the number blocks number line. Watch Numberblocks – Fourteen | Learn to Count – YouTube

  • Triangles/squares/Crosses – Can you write a number line with numbers to 10?
  • Circles – Can you write a number line to 15? Can you go up to 20?

Task 2: Phonics – Sing along Noah. This track focuses on the sounds and actions of different animals. Listen to the track and join in with the actions and sounds. Can you add other animals to song? What sounds do they make?

  • Diamonds/Crosses – Can you draw a picture of the animals from the song?
  • Moons – What sounds do these letters make?  g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e. How many things can you find that start with these sounds?
  • Suns – You will be using these sounds, s, a t, p, i, n, what sounds do they make?  Watch the video, pause after each word and write it down. At the end can you read the words you have written? Practice Blending Sounds for Reading- CVC Words – YouTube


Task 1: Phonics – Professor Brain’s amazing machine. This track is all about sounds that you make using objects. Professor Brain makes his own machine and it makes all sorts of sounds. Listen to the track and make the sounds using your mouths.

Can you make your own machine and give each part of your machine a sound. Use recycled materials to build your own machine. What sounds does your machine make?

Task 2: Animal lotto – Listen to the sounds and find which animal it belongs to on the lotto card, can you find them all?  Animal lotto



Please use today to catch up on any learning from this week that you have not had a change to do.

Here are some stories and videos that you can share at home that are linked to the sea and transport you use on and in the sea. What sea transport can you find?

We hope you have a great weekend! Mrs Herne

Keep up all your hard work! Send your learning to me at nursery@st-cyprians.croydon.sch.uk

Mrs Herne


22nd January 2021

Celebration of learning

Well done for all your hard work this week, please find pictures of your learning on this link!

Celebration of learning

Have a great weekend everyone!

Best wishes to you all, Mrs Herne

Week beginning 18.1.21

Transport – On the land

This week we will be focusing on transport you would use on the ground, on roads and tracks.


Task 1: Read the story ‘The train ride’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoEvHK_mP4Y

  • If you were on a train what might you see out of the window? Can you draw a picture of what you can see out of your window?
  • Can you make a train or carriage and send me pictures of your train? I would like to put them together to make one long Thassos train!


Task 2: Maths – Number blocks number 13. Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEAIS3JvxtM

Number 13 comes after 12 and is made up of 2 numbers, number 1 and 3. Practise writing the number 13 and any others you would like to practise. 


Task 1: Science – Long and short. Watch ‘Kit and Pup’ which will explain what long and short is. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bcv2n1/kit-pup-series-1-12-long-and-short (you may need to download/register for BBC iplayer)

Can you explore long and short at home? be creative: 

  • measuring everyone’s feet in you home, which one is the shortest? which one is the longest?
  • if you have a train track can you make a short train and a long train?
  • line up blocks on the floor, can you make a long line and a short line?

Task 2: Phonics – Out to play. This track focuses on sounds you hear outside so you may want to recap with the children things they can hear from outside and inside. (cars/aeroplanes/birds/doors/people walking etc)

I have attached the pictures for each part of the song for you to use while you play the song. out to play


Task 1: Maths – 2D shape. Look at these shape picture cards, can the children name each shape. shapes

Now can you play this shape quiz? I have attached a PowerPoint version as you can play the quiz.  2D shape quiz If you do not have PowerPoint you can use this PDF, can the children tell you what each shape is called? 2D shape quiz

  • Rectangles – Can you find any of these 2D shapes in your home?
  • Anyone not in rectangles can you find some 3D shapes around your home? Use this to help you.

Task 2: Phonics – Say it. This track focuses on different sounds you can make with your mouth. Play the track and explore making different voices. You may want to use your child’s name and say it in different ways. 


Task 1: RE – God made the land. you will need your picture from last week, God made the sky. Recap the story using the updated creation PDF. Adam-and-Eve-Story part 2

Today I would like you to add everything on the land, grass/road/plants/flowers/rocks to your picture. 

Task 2: Phonics – Today I would like you to recap over the sounds that we were learning in class. Please say the sounds using this video to help you. (focus on set 1 only)


  • Suns – Can you make as many 3 letter words as you can using these sounds? m, a, d, s, t, i, n, p. Write them down anyway you you like. Magnets/pens/paint etc.
  • Moons – I would like you to use these sounds. m, a, d, s, t, i, n, p. Can you find things in your home that make these sounds? Draw pictures or write the words.
  • Diamonds/crosses – What sounds do these letters make? m, a, d, s, t, i, n, p. Can you find one thing in your home that has the same sound as each letter?


Task for today: Transport lotto. Play the sounds video and try and guess what mode of trans port you can hear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv5mxMZu0z8

Please take today to have a go/finish any of the activities from this week that you have not had a chance to do. 

  • Don’t forget the reading website if you would like to share some different stories at home. This is the website www.getepic.com, please email me and I can send you the login details.

Don’t forget to send me pictures of your learning to nursery@st-cyprians.croydon.sch.uk.

Well done for all you hard work this week and I hope you enjoyed this weeks learning and have a lovely weekend, Mrs Herne